I have won or placed in seventy-six turkey calling contest all over the US. Through a lot
of time spent in the turkey business I have helped organize our local chapter of the
NWTF and became a professional turkey calling guide. I have worked with some famous
turkey calling people like D.D Adams / Mark Allen Drury from Mad Calls, / Matt Morett.

I now offer a complete line of Mouth calls that are made to order for each turkey
hunter, this is a way for the hunter to create his or her own very own design. This
program is set up that I work with the individual by phone or by e-mail and in some cases
the hunter comes to my shop, so that we can design a mouth call of any configuration
that the hunter can call his own. After the initial designs are completed and the
hunter is satisfied with there own personal mouth calls, the information is then stored
in the computer and whenever the hunter needs more calls they just e-mail me, or give
me a call and I print out there information and build them as may as they would like.
This ensures the hunter that they are all just like the ones that were made before. This
eliminates going to the store and buying several mouth calls and in most cases you wined
up throwing half of them out because you can’t get them to work right. I also build a
complete line of Slate, Crystal, Aluminum and Ceramic friction calls.

These calls are all custom made one at a time, by me in my shop. They are made from
exotic woods from around the world and without a duplicator on my lathe. Each call is
specifically tuned to the exact vocal chord of the wild turkey through years of
experience, trial and error in the field along with an electronic musical instrument
turner. Each call comes with a special striker made for that call. Not only do they
sound great in the woods but they also get the attention of the Wild Turkey, and more
often than normal. They are very easy to run and maintain, if you are not completely
satisfied you can return the un-damaged call back to me for a 100% refund minus the
return shipping.
While I still enjoy hunting the wary old birds, I work with younger people and train them
in becoming a better turkey hunter I also help prepare the serious turkey callers in
becoming a professional competition competitor
I entered the contest just three years after I started hunting turkeys and
by complete surprise I took first place in the contest. After I won this small
contest I set my goals higher and started building my own calls. I started
making my own mouth and friction calls because I had a hard time finding a
call that really worked the way that I wanted it to. I started selling calls to
my friends, then to sporting goods stores and it just grew from there. It
wasn’t long until I was doing turkey calling seminars and clinics everywhere. I
went on to do a Turkey Hunting show for national television with some of
the players from the Washington Redskins football team.